All Her Fault by Andrea Mara


Marissa Irvine arrives at 14 Tudor Grove, expecting to pick up her young son Milo from his first playdate with a boy at his new school. But the woman who answers the door isn’t a mother she recognises. She isn’t the nanny. She doesn’t have Milo. And so begins every parent’s worst nightmare.


As news of the disappearance filters through the quiet Dublin suburb and an unexpected suspect is named, whispers start to spread about the women most closely connected to the shocking event. Because only one of them may have taken Milo – but they could all be blamed . . .


The opening chapter of Andrea Mara’s book really is every parent’s worst nightmare. When she discovers her son has been kidnapped, Marissa Irvine’s life turns from one of safety and predictability to a nightmare she never imagined. She and her husband have money but the kidnappers don’t make any demands, which leads the police to look at other motives and to start looking at people who know the family. The Irvines live in an affluent Dublin suburb and it soon turns out that most of the neighbours and other parents of Milo’s Junior Infants class have something to hide. The book delves into their murky pasts and it uncovers a dark world underneath the perfect facade. Marissa is outgoing and friendly but, when it comes to looking for help when she’s most in need, she finds that most people don’t want to get involved.

Mara’s characters are very well written and all have both their positive and negative traits. As we read more, we start to question who is being referred to in the title as accusations and judgement are directed at several characters. The book culminates in a finale that I definitely didn’t see coming.

All Her Fault is a combination of domestic noir and crime thriller and features a community that is searching for someone to blame when something goes wrong. As it turns out, it’s not as simple as blaming one person and it is expertly written.

Transworld Digital, 8 July, 2021

About the writer

Andrea Mara is a crime novelist from Dublin, Ireland, where she lives with her husband and three young children. 
Her first book, The Other Side of the Wall, was shortlisted for the Kate O’Brien Award 2018 and was recently an Amazon number one bestseller in Irish Crime.
Her second book, One Click, was shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel of the Year at the 2018 An Post Irish Book Awards, and a recent number one on Amazon in Irish Crime and Northern Irish Crime.
Her third novel, The Sleeper Lies, published in February 2020, was an Irish Times Top Ten Bestseller.
Her next book, All Her Fault, will be published in Summer 2021by Transworld. 
Andrea also runs multi-award-winning parent and lifestyle blog,

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